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Traces of light – a sensory  image of city light

In the darkness, physical things disappear and man-made light from head lights, traffic lights, neon signs, shops and advertising signs trace their own patterns and forms in the night. Video recordings of this light form the basis of this project. For us, juxtaposition of weaving and video has been a natural extension of the process of digitalisation which has broken down barriers and created similarities between the two media.Images for the weavings can be adapted for video animation and vice versa.


In “Traces of light” the tapestries have taken their point of departure in our video recordings from different cities. The video recordings have been edited to create three short video sequences with varying colour, character and rhythm. Series of individual images from the video have been selected and re-worked into motifs for the large weavings which have been produced on a digital Jacquard loom.


The weight and structure of the tapestries create a physical opposition to the video projection’s ethereal image sequences of flowing movements. The two media enhance and accentuate each other. The quality of the weavings exists in the depth, physicality and colour intensity which the yarns and the constructions add to the images while the enchantment of the video lies in light, image flow and movement.