'Interference +', Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus 2006

'Interference' - demo  3:00 min

Interference video animation

Digital subject processing made it possible to pursue my fascination of the phenomenon: interference. I was working with identical patterns in layers, examining the interference between them. When a layer is turned a little bit, the patterns interfere and create new patterns - a mechanical patterning known as moiré. I pursued it in many different ways - as outlines, as solid stripes, as dots and in colours.


When I started to make solid coloured layers with holes, strange and beautiful three-dimensional forms manifested themselves - I was able to reconstruct elusive, optical three-dimensional phenomena in my computer.


Based on the interference sketches the idea for a video animation emerged. The animation, created in collaboration with video producer Bo Hovgaard, was projected in a large format at the exhibition ‘Interferens’ in 2005.