A landmark of luminous concrete plinths stands in Frederiksbjerg School’s front square. This beautiful space, with asymmetrically positioned columns, ramps, and low concrete walls, has been a significant source of inspiration and has fulfilled the desire to add life and colour to the square. The plinth has been chosen as a very simple form designed to relate to the nearby constructions in the manner of building blocks torn loose. Three concrete plinths are stacked and rotated around a shared axis. The dimensions of the plinths have been created to harmonize with the square’s columns and other plinths. The stack of plinths is also a sturdy form of outdoor furniture, designed on a scale which invites people to sit, play, or climb on it.


The luminous surface of the uppermost plinth includes 9216 clear, conical pieces of acrylic. Inside the plinth, an LED screen has been made with a corresponding number of diode lights to illuminate the pieces of acrylic and shine light outward from the concrete. The luminous plinth runs a video animation which brings colour, light, and movement to the school’s entry space. The video animation takes its point of departure in a blow-up of pixels in the colours of the spectrum, and it alters appearance using a slow sequence whereby the colours mix and transform in a stream of movement.